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Anti-scam tips

IO AFFITTO.IT is constantly committed to preventing any attempt at fraud/scam to the detriment of its users.

To better ensure your protection, we invite you to read the following, to help you prevent any type of risk.

Follow our tips to close deals safely and avoid scams:

  • If possible, always meet with the advertiser in person;
  • Always ask for traceable payment systems and never in advance;
  • Do not disclose your credit card details to third parties;
  • Be wary of landlords who declare themselves abroad or ask for money to send you the keys;
  • Be wary of those who ask you for money in advance;
  • Be wary of those who ask you for money in advance just to visit the property.

General information for all users:
IOAFFITTO.IT does not intervene in rental and/or sale negotiations between advertisers/agencies/individuals. For this reason, we do not provide guarantees regarding the truthfulness and/or correctness of the content of the published ads; We do not ask for and do not receive any commission and/or compensation for any lease or sale contracts concluded between users of the site.


If you are looking for properties among our listings:
 Always check the contact information received by email or phone. Be careful with numbers starting with 144, 899, 192, 199, 166, as these are toll numbers. If you are unable to contact the advertiser using the contact information provided, doubt the veracity of the information, and the identity of the advertiser. Ask the advertiser precise questions: read the description of the ad carefully and, in the first contact phase, ask the advertiser as much information as possible about the property that is the subject of the ad, asking for specific details that only the owner of the property or the real estate agency can know.

Be wary of prices that are too low: A price that is too low is usually a bait that can hide a scam. Always do the necessary checks before making any contact with your interlocutor.

Always be wary if you detect ads or messages written in an Italian or other language with incorrect or appropriate grammar.  Scammers often use automatic translations available on the web in order to publish their fake ads in various countries.

Requests for deposit payment: never pay any amount of money, not even if you are asked for it as a deposit or as "proof of liquidity" or as a deposit to reserve the property for you. Always be wary of anyone who asks you to pay via money transfer services abroad.


If you're an advertiser
:Check payments: Never trust someone who offers you to pay by a check for an amount equal to or greater than the amount you ask for because, most likely, that check will turn out to be uncashable. Always inform the potential buyer or tenant that you will only close the deal upon receipt of notification from your bank that the payment has been made.

Wire transfers: Keep in mind that some wire transfers and international checks are revocable. Always inform the buyer that you will only close the deal when your bank confirms that the deal has been credited.


Report any scam attempts to by sending an email with the indication of the ad ID, phone number, email from which you were contacted; Any payment information that was provided to you by the scammer.

We advise you to report any fraud to the State Police.