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Cookie policy

By visiting the IOAFFITTO website and/or mobile with your browser set to accept cookies and continuing to browse (i.e.: closing the banner with the "short" cookie policy) you consent to the use of cookies as described in this Cookie Policy.


What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small text file containing a unique identification number that is transferred from the website to your computer's hard drive through an anonymous code that can identify your computer but not you and passively monitor your activities on the site.

Cookies can be classified into different categories, based on their functionality:

Session cookies, or temporary cookies, are those that expire or are deleted when the browser is closed, while persistent cookies have longer expirations (from a few minutes to whole months) depending on the functions they perform. It is precisely these functions that distinguish cookies into two categories: technical and non-technical (or profiling).

Technical cookies manage the data necessary for the provision of pages and facilitate navigation, allowing, for example, not to have to re-enter username and password to access particular services, to remember the last page visited or to what extent a video was watched, to recognize the type of device in use and to adapt the size of the images accordingly. Technical cookies also make it possible to carry out aggregate statistical analyses on the most visited pages and user preferences, but only anonymously, and are not used to analyse the behaviour or preferences of individual users. Profiling cookies, on the other hand, are used to analyse the interests and browsing habits of individual users, to personalise their browsing and to provide, for example, content, including advertising, aimed at particular interests.


Cookies can be provided directly by the manager of the site on which you are browsing and/or, if the site relies on external services for particular functions, by third parties (third-party cookies).




What cookies does IOAFFITTO use?


Session cookies:

PHPSESSID OF THE CMS/SERVER: it is used to allow the navigation of the website by identifying the client by the server.

_cms_ual OF CMS: used by the CMS to carry out functions to identify logged-in web users

gc_webuser_allow_cookie used by the CMS to understand that it no longer shows the cookie warning

Technical cookies:

info_PayPal_popup_cookie hides the display of a pop-up.


Third-party profiling cookies:

Google Analytics - This is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. ("Google") that uses cookies that are placed on the user's computer to allow statistical analysis in aggregate form regarding the use of the website visited.

To consult the cookie policy of Google Inc., the independent data controller of the Google Analytics service, please refer to the website

At the following link, Google also makes available the browser add-on for deactivating Google Analytics.


Social network buttons and widgets - Social buttons are those particular "buttons" on the site that depict the icons of social networks (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) and allow users who are browsing to interact with a "click" directly with social platforms.

The social buttons used by the site are links that refer to the Data Controller's accounts on the social networks depicted. In any case, the links where the user can view the privacy policy relating to the management of data by the Social Networks to which the buttons refer are reported.


Facebook  –
Twitter –


Add This - Allows you to add and manage buttons on some social networks to allow users to share content on various social platforms.

The use of this sharing service involves the installation of cookies, including profiling cookies, of the third-party company that offers the service. However, the site does not share any browsing information or user data acquired in the case of the use of these sharing buttons, with the exception of some data in aggregate form. It is possible to consult the privacy policy addressed to Users who use the AddThis Sharing Button at the following link:

To deactivate:


How can I disable cookies from my browser settings?


You can oppose the storage of cookies on your hard disk by configuring your browser to disable cookies. After doing this, however, some functions of the web pages may not perform properly.


Here are links to instructions for the most common browsers:


Microsoft Internet Explorer

Google Chrome

Appple Safari

Mozilla Firefox



For more information and to disable third-party cookies:

If you need more information, you can contact us using the addresses on the site.

The data controller is Ioaffitto di P.Rosi, P.IVA 01398210995 e-mail:

Version effective January 25, 2022